Bob Ellis

Middlesborough based bird taxidermist.

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Mr Bob Ellis.

I have lived in the Teesside area all my life. Teesside is surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife with moors, coastline, marshes and rivers all within just a 20 minute drive in any direction.Living in such a beautiful area, nature has always been a big part of my life. As a boy me and my friends would jump on a train and travel to the North Yorkshire Moors bird watching, sometimes missing the last train home and had to hitchhike our way back home. This led me to keeping birds as a hobby. Over the years I have owned and bred all sorts of varieties of birds. Then came the time for me to leave school, I told my careers advisor I would like to become a taxidermist and she just laughed. This knocked my confidence so I never pursued it as a career as I left school, but my passion for birds remained. Over the years people would bring me sick or abandoned birds to care for, from kestrels to song thrushes. In hindsight some of which should have been left well alone. Me and my very supporting wife Sue have reared and released birds in our own garden. It was very satisfying to see them come and go after we had looked after them over the few months. Then the internet came along, which opened all kinds of doors, so I started to keep any birds I found or from my own collection. In the beginning I bought books and videos to help me learn taxidermy.
It was around then when I met my first mentor who gave me many excellent lessons. Over the past four years I have been practicing taxidermy as a hobby and have built a group of contacts that are very helpful and I can turn to for advice and to share ideas. I found myself unemployed which allowed me to have the time to focus on my taxidermy. With the advice and help from friends and people I have met through taxidermy, I have decided to pursue a full time career in taxidermy. I spend many hours working on mounts and my weekly routine often involves trips to the beach, rivers, moors or marshes collecting materials for taxidermy. Some trips weren’t as successful and left me coming home empty handed, this is what led me towards casting. I go out and find nicely detailed rocks or wood to cast because I hate to see good mounts sat on a stick or a lump of wood.

Examples of his work

Barn Owl.


Herring Gull chick.

Herring Gull chick.


Tragopan Pheasant.

Example of chicks.

North Atlantic Puffin.

White faced Scops Owl.

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